Valentine's Day for Kids

Usually in kindergarten is when kids are introduced to Valentine's Day and the traditions that we practice every year on this day. Besides giving cards that whisper sweet nothing's we also give teachers and each other gifts of sweets and edibles to give bounty. Valentine's for kids is different because the one's they care about are not just their parents but their teachers, bus drivers, uncles & aunts, grandparents or any other type of parental figure like a coach. Of course, buying something for everyone that a child loves would leave anyone broke, but what you do buy for their special people should be exceptional and this is where we come in. We are a custom order bakery and we would love to make something custom that you would be proud to have your child give away on this special day. If there is something that you know will be a hit but you don't see it on this site, just contact us and let us work with you to make magic happen.

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