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Hand Painted Chocolate Turtles Delivered

One Dozen (12) Candies
Mar 02, 2025

Product Description

Hand Painted Chocolate Turtles Delivered to your front door, a friends front door, a family members or even your place of business! No matter where or who you ship these to, we know that they'll love you forever. These high quality chocolate turtles are shaped like your favorite sea creature and are hand decorated with colored white chocolate to give them depth.

You are also able to choose which type of base chocolate you would like them to be; milk chocolate (shown in picture), dark chocolate, mint chocolate and white chocolate.

Product Details

  • One dozen (12) chocolates
  • Turtle Size: 1.5" (Inch) long
  • Weight of Total Candy (approximately): 1lb. (16 oz.)
Item #: 164448621

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