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Chocolate Covered Strawberries Delivered

One Dozen (12) Strawberries
Jun 22, 2025

Product Description

Best SellerIf you are looking to have Chocolate Covered Strawberries Delivered you've come to the right place! For these gourmet treats we start with only the largest and most fresh strawberries we can find. Sometimes depending on the time of year our strawberries might be just a tad bit smaller than others, we don’t want to have to import them from outside of the U.S.A. To make up for this we simply add more strawberries to your order for the inconvenience, you can also call us and ask us what size the current seasons strawberries are to know exactly what you will receive. Each strawberry is dipped by hand in your choice of our famous decedent dark, creamy milk or smooth white chocolate. Our chocolate is another thing that makes us unique, we prefer using chocolate that is more on the creamy side than the sweet side, but it will still satisfy the biggest sweet tooth. Lastly you can choose to have us add anything on top of it, like more chocolate or any kind of nut, sprinkles, maybe another strawberry? We’re just kidding. Or are we kidding? Whatever your heart desires we can make it for you, even if it involves bacon.

Each order is custom made, we do not dip anything until after you order it, this is an assurance that your order will arrive and be as fresh as possible. We never let anything sit around in a cooler or on a shelf. We recommend shipping these via overnighting or having them hand delivered (where available) just to make sure they are 100% perfect, if you do not choose overnighting or hand delivery (where available) your order may show up not looking perfect.

These chocolate dipped strawberries are the perfect Valentine's Day treat, we can custom create strawberries for special occasions such as; weddings, corporate events, basketball events, baseball events, football events, birthdays or any other type of event where these will not be sitting in direct sunlight. We all know they will be a hit because strawberries and chocolate are one of the best combinations ever. We can make our strawberries look like almost anything, just give us a call and we can custom create you what you’re looking for.

If you have a bulk order please give call us at the phone number at the top of the website, we would love to work closely with you on your large order to make sure everything is perfect and arrives on time. If you order through the website everything will be perfect, but if you order enough we can offer you a discount over the phone. We would love to work one on one with you.

Product Details

  • One dozen (12) Strawberries
  • Weight of candy (approximately): 2lb. (32 oz.)
  • Packaging: To maintain freshness each Strawberry is placed in a candy cup and then placed in a bakery box.
Item #: 164448345

Product Reviews

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Delivered has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 14 reviews.