Apple Cinnamon Muffins Delivered

One Dozen (12) 2" Muffins

Apple Cinnamon Muffins Delivered Description

You now can have our Apple Cinnamon Muffins Delivered to your front door no matter if it's to your home or office, and anywhere in the United States. These muffins are made with love and from scratch using an old family recipe. We only use the freshest locally grown & picked apples along with other premium local ingredients. We never add any preservatives like the muffins you find at the grocery or convenience store, we use basic ingredients such as flour, sugar, cinnamon and hand-chopped apples, everything is home made. The base of this muffin is super moist and light, filled with hand-chopped apple chunks. After these are baked to perfection we top them with a cinnamon and sugar mixture to give them a little extra sweet and aromatic kick.

What makes our muffins different is freshness, we only make your muffins after you order them. We're not a machine based factory, we are a small mom & pop bakery and everything is made to order. We will make your muffins within 3 days of placing your order and we ship them or deliver them the same day. Your order will never sit on a shelf or in a display before it is packaged.

If you would like to order a bulk amount of these muffins you can give us a call at the phone number at the top of this site and we will gladly talk to you about your order's special needs. We have made these for many occasions such as weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, and pretty much every other type of event you can think of. If you need a large order of our muffins we would love to work with you more closely to make sure everything is perfect and delivered on time.

Muffin Size Chart

Muffin Size Chart
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