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Banana Cream Pie

One (1) 9" Pie (Feeds 8-9 people)
May 29, 2025

Product Description

Our Banana Cream Pie is loaded with real banana flavor, sweet luscious custard as well slices of fresh bananas, plus more hand-made goodness. We are a bake-to-order bakery which means that we do not bake/create your order until after it’s created. This mean we do not have items sitting around on a shelf getting old and stale and this also means that we do not add preservatives to any of our made-from scratch recipes like our pies.

We start with the most basic of crust which is made from scratch using ingredients like butter and sugar, we love to make everything scratch and nothing comes from a freezer either.

 We pride ourselves on making sure that everything is as basic as possible. This makes it the tastiest out of anyone in the Mid-West area let alone the rest of the country.

Product Details

  • Default Pie Size: 9" (inches) across
  • Weight of Pie (approximately): 2lbs. (32 oz.)
  • Pie Feeds: 8-9 people
  • Packaging: Each pie is baked in a disposable tin and then set inside of a bakery box.
Item #: 1340081111104

Product Reviews

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