We will be closed from June 23rd through July 1st for family vacation.
Thank you all for another great year!

Pies Delivered

Fresh baked Pies Delivered in St. Louis, MO. Each pie will start with our handmade flaky buttery crusts that come from an age old recipe. After we create the crust we then add the freshest fruits and other fillings around. We will never use canned or frozen fruits or filling. We use only the freshest of ingredients by purchasing fresh fruit every day from a local farmers market.

Each pie is baked to perfection and almost they're all almost too beautiful to eat! When ordering a fresh baked pie you will be able to have it delivered right to your front door and this guarantees freshness. We bake the pie only after your order it to make sure that we don't have any product sitting around waiting to be sold. We aren't able to deliver anything immediately, but we are notified of your order as soon as you place it so we can start on it right away.

If you are in need of a pie that is not listed on our website, it doesn't mean that we haven't made it before; it just means we haven't taken a picture of one yet. So no matter what type of pie you need, we can create it for you. All you need to do is contact us and let us know what you are in need of.

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