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Chocolate Brownie Hearts


Each Order: Half of a Dozen (6) Approx. 3" x 2" Brownies or Bars

Chocolate Brownie Hearts Description

Our Chocolate Brownie Hearts are made from scratch, never a mix from a box or bag and only the using the finest ingredients. After we bake these delicious brownies we top it with our homemade butter creme frosting that can't be beat. This adds just a little bit of sweetness to the brownies and is a perfect match. Then of course we carefully add some edible candy heart sprinkles on top for decoration.

These brownie hearts are great for so many occasions such as; birthdays, Valentines Day, weddings, social gatherings or any other type of event you can think of where a heart and/or brownies are appropriate.

Each order contains one dozen (6) brownies.

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