Russian Tea Cakes Delivered


One Dozen (12) 1 ounce Cookies

Russian Tea Cakes Delivered Description

You can now have Russian Tea Cakes Delivered, or sometimes commonly referred to as Snowball Cookies Delivered to your home, apartment or even your office. Everything we make is from scratch and by hand, that's right we never add any preservatives and we never use any box mixes.

Our recipe is both moist and lightly crunchy at the same time; we start with halved pecans and then process them down to almost a dust. After that we add other ingredients, hand-roll them into balls bake them and then roll them in powdered sugar. Our ingredients are simple such as pecans, butter and pecans. Each order is made only after you place it to make sure that quality is only of the highest standards.

These are able to be ordered in large quantities so if you are in need of a large order please give us a call at the phone number at the top of this site. We would love to work with you closely to make sure everything is perfect, once you place your order you can rely on us to complete the job.

These are not only great for weddings and winter holidays, but we have also sold these for birthdays, corporate parties and a slew of other types of events. Whatever your need for these you will need to make sure you order enough for everyone, probably even seconds.

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