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Gender Reveal Cake

6" Cake (Feeds 6-8 people)
Jun 22, 2025

Product Description

Are you excited about a special little someone that’s coming soon? Celebrate this magical time with loved ones & others by surprising them with this Gender Reveal Cake with either a pink or blue layer of frosting on the inside which is hidden by the white frosting on the outside. After we cover the cake with white buttercream frosting, we put dabs of pink and blue frosting around the top and the base, we can also add writing to the top of the cake with a customized note of your choosing.

Each cake is made as 6 inches by default, but we can make them as large as a full-sized sheet cake which feeds between 40 to 80 people depending on how you cut it. We can also customize it any way you would like such as; nuts, sprinkles or anything else you can pretty much think of.

If you have any questions about your cake order you can always email or chat with us, we would be glad to help you.

Product Details

  • Default Cake Size: 6" (inches)
  • Default Cake Shape: Round
  • Weight of Cake (approximately): 2lbs. (32 oz.)
  • Cake Feeds: 6-8 people
Item #: 8708527718655

Product Reviews

Gender Reveal Cake has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 14 reviews.