Coconut Macaroons Delivered


This Product Contains: One Dozen (12) 1 ounce Cookies

Coconut Macaroons Delivered Description

Best SellerYou can have our Coconut Macaroons Delivered to your front door are the most awesome, moist & chewy coconut treat you will experience! Try them dipped or drizzled in chocolate as's so good! We start with only the freshest of shredded coconut and then roll it in a macaroon cookie base and bake it to perfection. These soft cookie-like concoctions will satisfy any sweet tooth.

These will excite your family, friends or they can be ordered for a corporate event. No matter how many of these wonderful cookies you need, we can make them for you and have them delivered on time. If you would like to order a bulk amount of these cookies we ask that you give us a call so we can work one on one with you and your large order.

Each order contains one dozen (12) cookies.

Item #: 164448209

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