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Chocolate Dipped Chewy Sour Cherry Candy Balls Delivered

0.25lbs (pounds), Approximately 40 Pieces of Candy.
Jun 22, 2025

Product Description

There's one candy that countless generations of people grew up squinting their eyes over and enjoying every moment of it, sour cherry balls. We believe in respecting tradition, but sometimes something taken a step more might be better and with this candy, we think it bumps it up a few notches. Have these sweet and yet tart Chocolate Dipped Chewy Sour Cherry Candy Balls Delivered to the front door of your home, apartment, a loved one's home, to your loved one's business or whatever the location we can ship these nationwide.

We take only the freshest of sour cherry candies and hand dip them in only the highest quality chocolate of your choice and let them set before packaging them up  especially for you or your recipient. All candy cherries will be dipped in chocolate, the one's not dipped in the picture are just to show what the product looks like before being covered in chocolate. We are a custom order bakery, so everything is made in small batches only after you order it. We never have things made in advance and just sitting around, nothing we make contains preservatives.

If you would like a bulk order of these for some reason like a corporate gift or event, a wedding, family gathering or whatever the need of a large order, we ask that you give us a call or send us an email so we can work closely with you to make sure everything is perfect. We also give discounts for bulk orders.

Product Details

  • Candy Weight: 0.25lb (quarter of a pound) of candy
  • Candy Count (approximately): 40 or more chocolate covered sour cherry candies
Item #: 2444010356815

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