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Black & White Cookies Delivered

One Dozen (12) - 1 Ounce Cookies
Jul 13, 2025

Product Description

You can have one of the world's best cookies, the Black & White Cookie Delivered to your front door or to someone you want to spoil with something a treat that is more amazing than most other gifts. We start off making these cookies with only the highest quality, basic ingredients such as flour, sugar along with locally sourced buttermilk, butter and eggs along with a few other select ingredients. The cookie has a soft and almost cake-like consistency that has just the right amount of sweetness which isn't overwhelming. After the cookie is baked to perfection the black & white topping is then added. The white portion is vanilla flavored, and the brown half is chocolate flavored, this alone is why so many people like this cookie so much. No matter what you call these cookies, whether it’s black & white, half moon or even harlequins, you are in for a wonderfully delicious treat.

The history of these cookies is clouded in a little bit of confusion and in-fighting between different immigrants that migrated to America. One thing that is for sure is there is a German history to them, however everyone has come to love them, and they are currently play a huge part in Jewish family celebrations. No matter what reason you must order these we can make sure that you have plenty.

If you need these for a wedding, corporate event, birthday or any other type of occasion where you need a bulk amount of these, we can help you and make sure that everything arrives on time, so everything is perfect. If you have any questions, we ask that you contact us so we can help you rest at ease with your order.

Product Details

  • Cookies Included: 12 (one dozen)
  • Size of Cookies (approx.): 3.5" to 4" inches across
  • Weight of Cookies (approx.): 1.5 pound (24 oz.)
  • Packaging: To maintain freshness each cookie is individually wrapped and then set inside of a bakery box.
Item #: 7974455738623

Product Reviews

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