Chocolate Covered Twinkies Delivered


Half Dozen (6) Cakes

Chocolate Covered Twinkies Delivered Description

Would you like to have some Chocolate Dipped Twinkies Delivered to your home or business? We have given you the chance to make that happen. We take only the freshest Twinkies (substituted until Twinkies are back on the shelf) and then coat them in our famous chocolate base of your choosing by hand, our chocolate is a lot thicker than others so it gives it more substance. These are only made in small batches so you will always receive only the freshest of products.

Each of these chocolate dipped Twinkies are made with moist yellow sponge cake and then fresh whipped cream, together these are the perfect match of texture and taste. Make sure you order enough for everyone.

You can also customize your order by selecting what type of base chocolate (the first dip) you would like and if you would like anything else drizzled or added to the top. If you have a request for a topping that you do not see in the options you can always give us a call and we can make your ideas come to life.

These are great for any occasion such as birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, corporate parties, social gatherings or pretty much any other type of event you know that these Twinkies would be a hit. If you have a large or bulk order purchase, please feel free to give us a call at the phone number on the top of the website and we will gladly work with you on a discount for your order and to assure your order is delivered on time.

Each order contains half a dozen (6) Twinkies.

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