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Chocolate Covered Large Red Swedish Fish Delivered

1lbs (one pound) of Candy. Aproximately 16 Pieces of Candy
Jun 22, 2025

Product Description

America has had a long-time love affair with Swedish Fish candy that first started in the 1960's. Gummy candies are absolutely a staple in many households still today, maybe not all year long but at least they're around once in a while. Since our families have always kept Red Swedish Fish around the house, so we figured why not dip these in chocolate? Once we unlocked this portal of flavor, there was no looking back. Having dipped chewy candy in chocolate is something that truly needs to be tried by everyone, because it's absolutely the best treat you could possibly have.

We start with fresh Swedish Fish, then dip them in your favorite choice of base chocolate the same day that we ship and/or deliver them. We never use any type of preservatives so there are no chocolate covered large red Swedish fish just sitting on a shelf somewhere hoping to be sold, unlike the dipped candies you can buy at other places on line who dipped their fish in chocolate 6 months ago. We can add any type of drizzle, sprinkle or other type of topping you would like since we are a custom order bakery, we just ask that you contact us if you don't see the option(s) you would like.

If you are in need of a bulk order of these candies, we can accommodate an order of any size and can ship to hundreds of locations with enough notice. We have worked with major corporations all the way down to weddings, family gatherings or whatever the occasion. We make these in small batches and we would love for you to experience the freshness of our candy and the quality of our chocolate. We don't use chocolate that can be purchased in a grocery store and we pride ourselves on this. Another additional benefit of bulk or large orders is we offer discounts, just call us or email us and we would love to work with you.

Product Details

  • Candy Weight: Approximately 1lb (one pound) of candy
  • Candy Size: 2" (inches) long each
  • Candy Count (approximately): 12 candies
    Item #: 2444086739023

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