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Custom Candy Bouquet - 20 Full Size Candies

Twenty (20) Candy Bars (8 to Cover Base / 12 to Fill the Bouquet)
Mar 02, 2025

Product Description

We are one of the premier source for custom Candy Baskets which you can customize much more than any other website in the United States. We are absolutely in love with making custom candy bar bouquets that are uniquely suited to each occasion to make sure that each basket we make & send are completely customized and are tailored to each person that these are sent to. We stock all of the most popular candies that are not only unique but that are also available to the general population. If you don’t see the candy that your loved one or what you would like included in this basket please feel free to contact us, we love making custom baskets for all of our customers.

We start off our candy bouquets with a Styrofoam, then attach each candy around the base of your choosing. We then attach either bamboo or wooden stakes to the rest of your candies and arrange them in a way that creates the best presentation to your loved one, friend or whoever you are wanted to spread good feelings toward. That's not where we stop either. We then put a bow near the base of the bouquet as well as a curly ribbon to add a splash of color to the already so decedent candy. After we add all of the ribbons we then place the whole candy bouquet in a large plastic bag which we tie off above the bouquet which gives off a little more flair. This creates a unique gift as well as an exciting experience for your recipient, whether it's family, loved one, coworker or even a friend.

These are great baskets for weddings, family gatherings, corporate parties, anniversary parties, birthdays, thank you gifts or any other type of event that you can think of. Everyone loves candy so no matter what the occasion you are in luck.

If you have a bulk order that you would like to place or have a huge order that needs to be sent to multiple locations we can accommodate your request no matter what the size. We can accommodate whatever size order that you have. If you need something truly custom please call us at the phone number at the top of the site to have your order custom quoted.

Product Details

  • Total Regular (Full) Sized Candies: 20 (Twenty) Total
  • Regular (Full) Sized Candies Around Base: 8 (Eight)
  • Regular (Full) Sized Candies On Top: 12 (Twelve)

*Sometimes regular sizes might be substituted with king size or "movie sized" and the order may come with less individual candies due to this substitute, however the weight of all candy will be the same or higher no matter what. We want to make sure the base of the box is as steady as possible and some times using larger candies as bases works better. We assure everyone this will not affect the look of the overall presentation.

Item #: 9741882577

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