Chocolate Chip Cookies Delivered


This Product Contains: One Dozen (12) 1 ounce Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies Delivered Description

Our home made Chocolate Chip Cookies Delivered to your front door will allow you to be eating these decadent, moist and chocolaty cookies in almost no time. We only make your cookies after you order them, we do not daily make these in bulk so your order will be made specifically for you only after you order it. All

All of our chocolate chip cookies are made from scratch using only the finest ingredients that we can find such as the basics like flour, sugar and butter. Our chocolate chip cookies are made from scratch using an old family recipe that can't be beat or matched so make sure you order enough for the whole party. But don't forget to grab some milk on the way home, without it the whole experience just isn't the same.

We suggest having these chocolate chip cookies shipped over night so you can have them while their almost hot and it will help avoid them sitting in a box too long. There's nothing like having a fresh home style chocolate chip cookie that are just out of the oven.

If you need a bulk or large order of these shipped or delivered to you, please contact us at the phone number at the top of this website. We would like to work closely with you to make sure that not only is the order correct and make sure it arrives on time but also if the order is large enough we give bulk discounts.

Each order contains one dozen (12) chocolate chip cookies.

Item #: 164448547

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