Chocolate Dipped Nutter Butters Delivered


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One Dozen (12) 1 ounce Cookies

Chocolate Dipped Nutter Butters Delivered Description

Looking for Chocolate Dipped Nutter Butters Delivered? These are made in St. Louis, Missouri by a local bakery not some factory. These are able to ship these out nationwide all year long. We take unopened packages of Nutter Butters and dip them in our famous milk chocolate that’s creamy with just the perfect amount of sweetness. We only use the freshest ingredients to make sure that your order is as tasty as possible, we never have anything sitting around on shelves, and everything is made only after you order it.

If you would like us to customize your order in any way by drizzling a different type of chocolate over the top or adding nuts or chocolate chips to the top of these, please feel free to contact us and let us know. We love making custom orders for everyone, that special touch goes a long way.

If you need to order a bulk amount of these for a wedding, corporate party, birthday party or any other event that needs a large amount of these cookies, please give us a call we would love to work with you. We can even customize your order by adding specific color or types of ribbons or colored plastic sleeves. We can work with you and make your ideas come to life.

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