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Muffin of The Month Club

One Dozen (12) Muffins Each Month
Jan 27, 2024

Product Description

Are you or someone you know in love with bakers' sweet breads? Well look no further because we offer all of our muffins to be shipped to anywhere in the country with our Muffin of the Month Club. You can choose as little as 3 months or as long as 2 years, the choice is yours. Each month you or a loved one will receive one dozen (12) muffins of the same kind that you choose. All of our muffins are made from scratch using basic ingredients such as flour, locally sourced eggs and butter. We are a custom made-to-order bakery so we bake your muffins the morning we ship them out, we never ship out anything that is older than a few hours to ensure the freshest of quality upon arrival.

The price you pay includes by default priority shipping from USPS which is typically 1-3 days depending on how populated or remote your shipping address might be as well as if any outside factors play a role like rioting, viruses or things of that nature. If your recipient is within a major city it's typically 1-2 shipping will happen, however if where you want to send this is in a remote part of any state, states such as Hawaii or Alaska it might take longer. We also encourage you to upgrade your free/default shipping option to the express (1-2 days guaranteed) option to make sure that your freshness is protected even further. However, rest assure that all of the products we ship will arrive fresh even after a1-2 weeks, we don't mess around with quality.

Our Muffin of the Month Club is perfect for many different occasions such as birthday's, Christmas, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, corporate gifts or whatever type of special day that you could give the ultimate gift to, month after month. If you want to place an order for longer than 2 years, we ask that you call us so we can offer a special discount for the bulk request.

We never send any type of packaging slip that shows the price of your order as your privacy is one of our primary concerns. We do suggest sending one of our free greeting cards stating who is sending the gift so your recipient knows who the gift is being from. We allow you to specify what you would like to say different every month if you like, if not you can choose to say something the first month, just request us to repeat the first note on the cart page in the notes section or anywhere you want. Our USA based bakery team in St. Louis will read every line of your request and if we have any questions, we will contact you via email and/or phone.

If for any reason this page doesn't offer you the customization that you need, we ask that you send us an email or give us a call so we can help you with anything you have.

Product Details

  • Muffins Included: 12 (one dozen) per month
  • Size of Muffins: 2" (inches) regular sized 
  • Weight of Muffins (approximately): 2 pounds (32 oz.)
  • Packaging: To maintain freshness each muffin is individually wrapped and then set inside of a bakery box as well as a shipping box.
  • Cancelation policy: If you would like to cancel before your final month for any reason, all cancelations must be placed 30 days before the next shipping cycle.

Muffin Size Chart

Muffin Size Chart
Item #: 2489353699407

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