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Sheet Cake


This Product Contains: One (1) Half Sheet Cake (Feeds 40-50 people)

Sheet Cake Description

Our Sheet Cake is made from scratch using only the finest ingredients that we can find. We never create our cakes using premix from a bag or box. With our sheet cakes you can choose what type of cake, including specialty flavors and you can also choose the color of butter creme frosting that you would like. If you have a special request you can always contact us at the phone number on top of this website and we will gladly work with you.

The sky is the limit with our cakes, so we request that you call us instead of having a thousand options to sift through. If you need ideas of what type of cake you might like, we can always help, or if you already know what type of cake and frosting you would like you can just let us know that as well.

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