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Easter Coconut Haystacks Delivered

One Dozen (12) Candies
Apr 13, 2025

Product Description

Creative Sweet Treats Easter Coconut Haystacks can't be beat in price and in taste.  Since Easter is such a fun time for so many people and they want to help you celebrate. Why shouldn't Creative Sweet Treats have something fun to eat around the festivities for you? Even if you aren't a religious person or taking these to a non-religious event, you will be putting a smile on every face that tries these. Not only do they look fun, they're even more exciting to eat.

Creative Sweet Treats starts off making these with only the freshest cut coconuts that money can buy, then they take the most exquisite colored white chocolate found in the US and combine the two. These haystacks are great for almost any occasion such as a; wedding, birthday, social event, corporate event or any other type of even that you would want these fun haystacks to be served.

We can make these in large amounts, so if you have a bulk order please feel free to give us a call at the phone number listed at the top of the website and we will gladly speak to you about bulk price discounts.

Product Details

  • One Dozen (12) Chocolate Dipped Coconut Haystacks
  • 1.5lbs (Pounds) of haystacks
Item #: 164448805

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