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Sweetest Day Gifts

Sweetest Day is the third (3rd) Saturday of October. It started in Cleveland in 1922 by a candy store employee who just wanted to bring a little bit of happiness to people such as orphans and others who might have been long forgotten by family or friends. Since then the tradition has become popular in most states and it's more of a way for people to show appreciation to boyfriends, girlfriends, wife's, husbands, distant friends and loved ones instead of just strangers like when it first started.

Not only do we sell a lot of candy (traditional) as Sweetest Day Gifts, but we also sell a lot of cookie gift baskets, muffins and a slew of other treats. Whether you had something specific in mind or if you're looking for ideas, we can custom make you a basket or order that is perfect for your loved one. You can contact us if you had an idea for something and don't see it on the website, we love making custom orders.

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