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Chocolate Coconut Macaroons Delivered

One Dozen (12) - 1 Ounce Cookies
Jul 13, 2025

Product Description

Our Chocolate Coconut Macaroons Delivered are truly a chocolaty delight that should not be passed up. These soft cookies can be delivered to your home, office or anywhere within the United States. To make these cookies we start with real cocoa, freshly shredded coconut along with other fresh and quality ingredients we then bake these to perfection. These are made in small batches so you can be assured that your product will be shipped or delivered the same day it’s made. We do not stock these on shelves so you will never receive an old product.

These are great for many occasions because they aren't messy and don’t stick to your fingers. If you need a bulk order of these please contact us because we would like to work with you closely so we can make sure your order is delivered on time. Large orders are typically one’s for weddings, corporate orders and large parties.

Product Details

  • Cookies Included: 12 (one dozen)
  • Weight of Cookies (approximately): 1 pound (16 oz.)
  • Packaging: To maintain freshness each cookie is individually wrapped and then set inside of a bakery box.
Item #: 164448707

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