Birthday Brownies Delivered


Each Order: One (1) Approx. 8" x 8" Pan (Uncut)

Birthday Brownies Delivered Description

Oh yes, Birthday Brownies Delivered! So no more worrying about what you’re going to feed everyone for desert. We make each of our brownies from scratch using an old family recipe and we only will make your order after you place it, we use only basic ingredients such as sugar, flower and eggs. We do this to make sure that what you order is as fresh as possible, nothing ever will sit around on a shelf to get stale, we have extremely high standards for a bakery, and this is not a factory. After we make the brownies we cover them in milk chocolate and then add colored candy toppings to get them the perfect candy crunch texture.

All of our brownies are made in small batches but if you have a large request for these for a wedding, corporate meeting or any other type of event where you need a bulk amount of these, please contact us we would love to work with you more closely to make sure your order is perfect and delivered on time.

Each order contains One Dozen (12) Approx. 3" x 2" Brownies.

Item #: 392862536

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