Orange Cranberry Muffins Delivered

  • Orange Cranberry Muffins Delivered
One Dozen (12) Standard 2" Standard Sized Muffins

Product Description

After overwhelming requests we have been continuing to expand our muffin selection. After a long time of requests we are now offering Orange Cranberry Muffins delivered to your front door. You don’t have to send these moist and tangy muffins to someone else, you can always order them for yourself for the perfect breakfast, snack or dessert. Each of our muffins start with a sweet base that is super flavorful, lightly sweet and packed with orange juice plus zest and tangy whole cranberries, without the pits of course. Both flavors combined create one of the best mixtures we offer.

We source all of our oranges from local sources creating a smaller carbon footprint to help the environment as much as possible while keeping the flavors as bright as possible. Make sure you order enough for everyone. If ordering for yourself you can freeze these and they thaw them out at room temperature within a few short hours or you can microwave them until your desired temperature. Don’t forget the cup of coffee or hot cup of tea to complement this perfectly balanced tangy muffin.

Are you a corporation or looking for a bulk amount of these perfect muffins for an event or gathering? If you are looking for a large order for a wedding, corporate order or some other type of even that you need a huge order we can make your ideas come true. We offer customization's for whatever type of event you are having and we can for an additional cost match the boxing, ribbon and packaging that will match the colors you need. We ask that you contact us about these types of order that need custom colors/wrappings/ribbons or whatever you want.

Product Details

  • Muffins Included: 12 (one dozen)
  • Size of Muffins: 2" (inches) regular sized 
  • Weight of Muffins (approximately): 3 pounds (48 oz.)
  • Packaging: To maintain freshness each muffin is individually wrapped and then set inside of a bakery box.
Muffin Size Chart

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