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Valentine's Chocolate Dipped Oreos Delivered

One Dozen (12) Double Stuf Oreo Cookies
Jan 27, 2021

Valentine's Chocolate Dipped Oreos Description

Our Valentine's Chocolate Hand-Dipped Oreos Delivered to your front door and we start with double stuf Oreos and then dip them in your choice of base chocolates. Each of our double stuff chocolate dipped Double Stuf Oreos for Valentine's Day are dipped in only the finest US chocolate that we can find and then topped with a variety of toppings such as; red edible glitter and small candy hearts. Our base chocolates that you can choose from are milk chocolate, dark chocolate, mint chocolate and white chocolate.

Product Details

  • Cookies Included: 12 (one dozen) Double Stuf Oreos
  • Weight of Oreos (approximately): 1 pound (16 oz.)
  • Packaging: To maintain freshness each Oreo is individually wrapped and then set inside of a bakery box.
Item #: 164448697

Product Reviews

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