Crab Shaped Sugar Cookies Delivered

One Dozen (12) 1 ounce Cookies

Crab Shaped Sugar Cookies Delivered Description

These Crab Shaped Sugar Cookies are fun and a super tasty treat all year long. Maybe you know someone that is a crab fan or someone who catches crabs, whatever the case these will bring a smile to everyone’s face. Each one of our sugar cookies is made from scratch and hand painted with sugar icing. We never use any preservatives or anything like that so we make your cookies only after you place your order, we never have any sitting around on a shelf getting stale. Best thing about eating these crabs is you don’t have to break it open first.

If you need a bulk order of these for any reason like a birthday, wedding or corporate event we can make as many of these as you need. If you have a custom request for a change of colors, eyes or details we ask that you send us an email or give us a call.

Each order contains one dozen (12) sugar cookies.

Item #: 1330142019648

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