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Coconut Macaroons Drizzled in Chocolate and Topped with an Almond Delivered

One Dozen (12) - 1 Ounce Cookies
Jun 22, 2025

Product Description

Love the old fashion almond joy candy? These are the new and improved version. These are our gourmet Coconut Macaroons Drizzled in Chocolate and Topped with an Almond.  These wonderful treats start off with freshly grated coconut and then are made into a cookie like mound using only the finest of ingredients such as; flour and sugar. Then we top each one after it cools with our famous chocolate of your choosing whether it is milk, dark or white chocolate. We then top each one off with a yummie almond. These are made to order, so we only will make them after you place your order. We never make anything beforehand to let it sit around on the shelf. The macaroons you or your loved one will receive will be as fresh as possible, we make them the same day we ship and/or deliver them.

Do you need a whole bunch of these for an event like a wedding, birthday or corporate event? Have no fear, we can make as many as you need and make sure they arrive on time. If you want to make sure it’s perfect you can call us on the phone number at the top of the website, we would love to work one on one with you to make sure your order is perfect.

Product Details

  • Cookies Included: 12 (one dozen)
  • Weight of Cookies (approximately): 1 pound (16 oz.)
  • Packaging: To maintain freshness each cookie is individually wrapped and then set inside of a bakery box.
Item #: 4748347780

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