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Cinnamon Cupcakes


One Dozen (12) Cupcakes

Cinnamon Cupcakes Description

Our Cinnamon Cupcakes are made by hand and from scratch using an old family recipe. After these wonderful, moist cupcakes are baked, they are topped with homemade buttercreme frosting and then dusted with freshly ground cinnamon.

These are great for almost any type of occasion that you are having or attending.

This product can not be shipped: If any customer orders this product and specifies that they would like it shipped the frosting that normally comes on top will put in a disposable frosting piping bag and put it inside of the shipping box. This will make sure that the frosting does to create a mess within the container.

Each order contains one dozen (12) cupcakes.

This product can not be shipped and is for local delivery only.
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