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Blackberry Cupcakes

One Dozen (12) Standard Sized Cupcakes

Blackberry Cupcakes Description

These Blackberry Cupcakes are second to none. These hand-made cupcakes start with our famous, old family recipe for vanilla cupcakes and we add locally grown blackberries. Creative Sweet Treats is near a farm that grows these locally in the St. Louis area so we sometimes pick these by hand ourselves. These blackberries are always fresh and juicy, so we not only do we mash them up by hand in the batter itself we add one to the top of the butter crème frosting, which is also hand made from scratch. After we top it with frosting we put a hand washed, freshly picked blackberry on top of each cupcake. None of the products from our bakery are made using a pre-mix or boxed mix, everything is made from simple ingredients such as; flower, sugar, eggs, milk, butter and fresh fruit.

We never use any preservatives or any type of product that extends the freshness of the product because we believe in basic baking that tastes amazing. We only bake each order after you place it to make sure your order is as fresh as possible. We will never send you a product that was made yesterday or that has been leftover from today, we will bake your order specifically for you.

If you have a bulk order for these for a wedding or corporate order please feel free to give us a call because we would love to make sure that your order is perfect and delivered on time.

This product can not be shipped: If you would like you could order this product and specify that they would like it shipped, when you select this the frosting that normally comes on top we will put in a disposable frosting piping bag and put it inside of the shipping box. This will make sure that the frosting does to create a mess within the container.

Each order contains one dozen (12) cupcakes.

Cupcake Size Chart

Cupcake Size Chart
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