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6 Chocolate Covered Black Sea Salt Caramels & 6 Chocolate Covered Pink Himalayan Salt Caramels Delivered

One Dozen (12) Candies
Jul 13, 2025

Product Description

With each order you or your loved one will receive a mixture of both of our best-selling salt caramels to total one dozen mouthwatering caramels combined. All of our caramels are made by hand and from scratch by an American worker who cares about every candy that is made. We pride ourselves on making everything in small batches because it allows our quality control to be second to none, not even a computer can tell a person what is too much.

Each order is made with your choice of type of base chocolate which we top with half of the caramels with black salt and the other half with pink salt, we then pour chocolate over the mold and then fill it with more of the same salt and a large dollop of fresh and creamy caramel, then we pour ore chocolate over to create the bottoms, let them harden and then pop them out of the molds. Sometimes we might go a little overboard with our salt and/or caramel filling and even sometimes both, we like to eyeball things here which always creates generous sizes and filling amounts unlike our corporate competitors who give you exactly nothing in comparison.

Black lava salt caramels: These are made from high quality chocolate of your choosing, fresh and creamy caramel as well as black lava salt straight from Hawaii.

Pink salt caramels: Our pink salt comes from the only place on earth that produces pink salt, the Himalayas. Then we add our freshly melted chocolate and our super rich & buttery caramel to the this instant hit and all of a sudden you will realize why we are so popular.

Stop buying the same old, boring sweets, edibles and the same flowers every year for your loved ones. Buy something unique that you can finally brag about with this special treat that can't be found anywhere else.

Product Details

  • Six (6) One Quarter Inch (1.25") Black Sea Salt Caramels
  • Six (6) One Quarter Inch (1.25") Pink Himalayan Salt Caramels
  • Weight of Total Candy (approximately): 1lb. (16 oz.)
  • Packaging: To maintain freshness each candy is individually wrapped.
Item #: 2375298515023

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