Dessert Catering in St. Louis, MO & Belleville, IL

Creative Sweet Treats offers dessert Dessert Catering in St. Louis, Missouri and all surrounding Metro STL areas. We can offer you any of the products listed on the site in bulk orders for almost any size of party, get together, wedding or even corporate event. If there is something that you would like to have made custom for your party/event and you don’t see it on this website (such as if you are having a themed party that requires specific items or colors) and you would like to have it custom created for you, all you need to do is give us a call or send us an email to us via our contact us page or at the phone number at the top of this page.

Dessert catering in St LouisWe have had orders for almost every type of event but we are always looking for new events to cater to with custom dessert platters. We have catered parties for weddings, rehearsal dinners, family get togethers, birthdays, retirements, adult themed events or any other type of gathering that you will be having within our Delivery in St. Louis, MO & Belleville, IL area.

All of our deliveries are baked from scratch only after you order it. Nothing is ever made from a box; we create everything from old family recipes so everything is hand made with love from the most basic ingredients which are locally sourced whenever possible. We create all of their deserts from only the highest quality ingredients and only the freshest that are found in the area and we use imported chocolate from out of state and is made by a french chocolatier. We also use USPS as well as local maps to make sure expected delivery times arrive on time as you requested, whenever possible. We want to work with you to make sure everything is perfect for your special day.

So, if you are going to or hosting any type of event in the Metro St. Louis area, we can help make all of your desert dreams come true. We are absolutely flexible and can work with you virtually no matter what time your event theme or time might be.

With nothing but rave reviews from local customers You can rest assure that you and all of your guests will be satisfied with the quality of product baked and delivered by us.

If there are any issues or questions you can always contact us at the phone number listed at the top of the website or as we stated before on our contact us page.

Birthday Catering in St Louis

Cake & Treat Tasting

If you need a cake or treat testing before the event, we can arrange a time, place and price based on how many people you would like to attend the tasting. Creative Sweet Treats can make a large variety of “one bite” cupcakes to showcase for you made with a variety of flavors that you can request them to custom create or a list of some that you would like them to make for you. If you need a private treat tasting with you, a friend or a few others, they can create you a small amount of many different types of treats for you to choose from, or if you would like they can create a large selection of treats for your event.

Creative Sweet Treats Comes To You

If you are having an event catered within the St. Louis, Missouri area, Creative Sweet Treats can come to your location for taste testing and the event itself. But, they can also help you if you are having a large event within the Metro St. Louis area for just a little bit more added to the delivery fee. They want to make sure that everyone in the area is treated like royalty and that everyone has at least tried their locally famous treats and deserts.

To get your party started, you can contact Creative Sweet Treats at the phone number listed at the top of this website. You can call any time, they are open normal business hours, but they also return calls and deliver in the evenings and weekends.