Pink Himalayan Salt Caramel Truffles Delivered

One Dozen (12) Candies

Pink Himalayan Salt Caramel Truffles Delivered Description

Have these unique Pink Himalayan Salt Caramel Truffles Delivered anywhere in the world, we have shipped these all over the U.S. as well as Europe and the Middle East. These decadent chocolates are filled with the most buttery and soft caramel you can dream of. Each chocolate is topped with Pink Himalayan salt that comes straight from the only mine in the world that produces this pink colored salt located in Pakistan. We mail/ship or deliver these the same day that they are made, this assures that you or your loved one will receive only the freshest of candy, unlike other candy that you buy in the store that’s filled with preservatives and can sit on a shelf for months.

Pink salt has been said to harbor many health benefits along with cocoa, but pink salt can help lower blood pressure, strengthen bones, and improve circulation along with a host of other things. If you are a fan of chocolate, caramel or salt, these will melt in your mouth and melt your heart.  They will go fast, so make sure you order enough for everyone!

These are great for so many occasions and if you need a bulk order of these for a wedding, corporate event, family gathering, birthday party, baby shower or any other event please give us a call at the phone number at the top of this website. We give discounts for bulk orders and we would like to work more closely with you to make sure everything is perfect and delivered on time.

Each order contains Twelve (12) One and One Quarter Inch (1.25”) truffles.

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