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    Custom Mini Candy Bouquet - 26 Fun Size & 2 Big Movie Size Candy Boxes

    $33.95 $28.95
    Twenty Six (26) Mini Candy Bars & 2 Movie Size Candies (26 Mini / 2 Movie Size)
    May 21, 2020

    Custom Mini Candy Bouquet - 26 Fun Size & 2 Big Movie Size Candy Boxes Description

    We are one of the only online retailers that offer Custom Mini Candy Baskets at a reasonable price. We can add virtually whatever candy is available in American supermarkets or mainstream establishments to your candy bouquet. We stock a huge selection of the most popular candy to make sure that you have a wider selection than anybody else.

    We can create custom candy bouquets for you with a custom base color/series of colors as well as types of ribbon and packaging. We can even try to match colors specific to your occasion or event, including corporate logos.

    We also offer discounts for large events when a bulk amount of candy bouquets are needed. We just ask that you contact us via phone or email so we can work one on one to make sure that you get exactly what it is that you are in need of. We work with corporations, wedding parties, birthdays and a ton of other types of events every year, we are able to accommodate your event no matter the size.

    Product Details

    • Mini (Fun) Sized Candies Included: 26 (Twenty Six)
    • Movie Sized Candy Boxes Included: 2 (Two)
    • Regular (Full) Sized Candies On Top: 12 (Twelve)

    *In some instances if movie sized candy boxes are not in stock, the larger king size will be use as a replacement for the inconvenience.

    Item #: 1295403876416